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Covelite Interior
Projet avec Covelite Interior Projet avec Covelite Interior

Product specification :

Covelite Interior

Applications :

Continuous illumination of recesses, coffers and 3D Architecture


Covelite is a modern method of providing continuous lighting to coffered ceilings in uplighting or downlighting installations. The light it provides is smooth and continuous and eliminates unattractive hot spots and shadow gaps. Covelite is based around the latest electronic cold cathode control gear mounted on a reflector gear tray which can be tailored for performance lighting if required, making the system flexible. It can be installed in a wide variety of buildings, ranging from small retail units and bars to vast shopping centres and hotels. In summary, Covelite is ideal for todays fast track construction projects and has been the choice for thousands of cold cathode projects since its introduction.


    - Simple "Plug & Go" wiring
    - 30% less power consumption than traditional systems
    - Dimmable to low levels
    - Choice of reflector profiles
    - Curved or straight to any contour
    - Compact
    - Low weight
    - No fireman's switch required

Gear Mounting Position

- Integral

NB This product is designed for indirect lighting applications only and is not suitable for surface mounting. For further assistance contact sales.


Covelite offers the following additional benefits :

  • Easy to specify

Covelite gives the designer known parameters to work with in terms of lighting performance, dimming, dimensions and power consumption. It is as easy to specify as any standard lighting product.

  • Easy to Install

A 70% reduction in installation time can be achieved over traditional systems and covelite is a one fix system. All that is required is a power supply to be taken directly to the cove.

Technical Data

Please note that all dimensions are
subject to a tolerance of +/-2mm

Covelite Interior single run

Single Run

Minimum : H = 60mm, W = 60mm
Typical : H = 70mm, W = 80mm

Covelite Interior twin run

Twin Run

Minimum : H = 60mm, W = 70mm
Typical : H = 70mm, W = 120mm

Covelite Interior triple run

Triple Run

Minimum : H = 60mm, W = 120mm
Typical : H = 60mm, W = 150mm

Covelite Interior low height

Low Height

Minimum : H = 35mm W = 100mm

NB : All cove dimensions given are subject to control gear chosen. Speak to sales for curved runs and control gear selection.

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